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    When Is The Best Time To Look For A Veterinarian In Albany GA?

    One very large part of owning a pet is making sure that you have enough tools, resources, and knowledge for properly caring for your animal. Contrary to popular belief, you should never wait until your pet is ill or injured before looking for a Veterinarian in Albany GA. At Bush Animal Clinic, we want to share a few important reasons why now is the absolute best time to start looking for a vet.

    Much like humans, animals should receive regular wellness checks. Your animal should be given a check-up at least once each year while he’s still young and healthy. As they get older or if new health needs arise, these checks should be performed twice each year or once every six months. This gives vets the opportunity to catch and treat issues while they are still minor and before they have spiraled out of control.

    Your vet can give you timely nutritional advice. This includes helping you find the best foods to buy, establishing the right feeding schedule, and implementing strategies for weight management, weight loss, or weight gain as needed. With a healthy and needs-specific diet, your pet can enjoy a consistently high quality of life and optimum well-being overall.

    When you already have a trusted vet on your team, you don’t have to stress about finding pet boarding near me. At our clinic, we offer boarding services for animals whose owners are going out of time, undergoing medical treatments, or experiencing other life events that make them unavailable. Working with us is a lot easier than leaving your pets with people you barely know or don’t know at all.

    You can also turn to us for grooming services. Paying for regular cat or dog grooming can prevent a host of health issues. Animals are also happier and have fewer behavioral issues when they are well-cared for in this respect. Best of all, grooming services can even limit the amount of hair and dander that you have circulating throughout your home so that you can enjoy an acceptably high indoor air quality. Call us today to find out more about what we do or to set up an appointment for service.