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    The Best Gifts for a Healthy & Active Pet

    We all want to see our pets as happy and healthy as possible. With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is a great time to consider which gifts will make your furry little friends the happiest and healthiest. North Jackson Animal Clinic has created a short list of some great gift ideas that every pet in your life will love.

    Read on for more information, and if you are looking for veterinary services for your pet, contact North Jackson Animal Clinic today!

    Gifts for Dogs & Cats

    Squeak & Bell Toys

    It is no secret that our four-legged friends LOVE a nice squeaky toy, but what you may not know is that they also have many health benefits. Toys that squeak encourage your pet to engage in healthy, exciting, and active play. According to Kimberly Alt from the Canine Journal, the squeaking of these toys also provides instant feedback to your pet that their bite is strong and will keep them interested for longer.

    Unfortunately, pets are known for ripping these to shreds to get to the squeaker inside, but there are many squeak toys on the market now made out of semi-hard rubber that will help protect the toy for longer. Of course, dogs come in all shapes and sizes; luckily, so do these! When you’re shopping, make sure to buy the right size for the breed that you are buying for.

    Cats may not take to squeaky toys as much, as they like to pounce and swat at their toys instead of chewing. For a great cat alternative, consider toys with a bell inside. This way, when they swat at them, they get similar audio feedback that encourages continued play.

    Reflective Gear

    Running together is a great way to keep you and your pet active, happy, and healthy while also providing bonding opportunities. If you enjoy the occasional night run with your pup, these products are for you!

    Just about every dog walking accessory these days has a reflective alternative. From full vests to leashes and collars, there is no shortage of readily available options. If you or someone in your life is an avid runner, definitely check these out.

    Slow Feeders

    In some cases, pets overexcite themselves at feeding time and can fall into the habit of binge eating their food so quickly that they make themselves sick. Slow feeders are essentially feeding bowls (also sold to fit into your existing bowl) that make food harder to access (without being impossible).

    These feeders are a great way to promote healthy eating habits for both dogs and cats. By making the food harder to get to, your pet must be active while eating, working at the bowl and the food in order to get every last bite. Although it may sound frustrating for your pet, in most cases they enjoy the challenge, and because they have to eat slower, the chances of them overeating go down significantly.

    Car Seats

    Yes, car seats. It may sound ridiculous but according to Pet Pro Supply Co., out of the 80% of pet owners who regularly drive with their pets in the car, only 16% of them use proper restraints.

    Taking your dog or cat with you in the car is an inevitability, and you should be able to take your pet out when you’d like. Trips to the dog park for some fun social activities, or to the vet, pet sitter, or just general travel are great, but it is incredibly important that it is done the safest way possible.

    Car seats not only provide some much-needed protection for your pet in the case of a crash, but can also prevent you from getting into a crash by keeping your pet in place, away from the wheel and pedals.

    Gifts for Bunnies

    The best toys for bunnies are toys that will soothe and file their constantly growing teeth. Some great gifts for our floppy-eared friends include straw or wicker baskets and stuffed logs for treats, but it’s quite easy to make them yourself as well!

    To make a homemade bunny treat, simply place your bunny’s favorite treat, food, hay, or a mixture of all of them into an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll and twist the ends closed securely. The smell and the rattle from the fillings are great for catching and keeping their attention, and they will likely work tirelessly at it until they can get to the good stuff inside.

    Gifts for Pet Rodents

    Small rodents make great pets and create lifelong bonds with their owners. A great way to keep your guinea pig, hamster, mouse, or rat happy and healthy this holiday season is to get them something that keeps them moving. If you have a pet rodent, you probably already have some kind of wheel for cage play and a ball for house play, but there are other great options as well!

    Consider getting them a tunnel system for their enclosure. There are many sets you can buy that will come with a pre-determined layout but they can also be modular and can be bought separately depending on what you are looking for specifically. Also, much like bunnies, hamsters and guinea pigs love everything wicker. There is no shortage of wicker toy styles. From balls to full structures, wicker is a safe option for the pet rodent in your life!

    The Gift of Health

    Although pet toys sound like they’re all fun and games, choosing the right toys can have great effects on the health and wellbeing of your pet. North Jackson Animal Clinic hopes that you and your pets have a fantastic upcoming holiday season. Bring joy into you and your pet’s life with gifts that promote healthy habits and active play.

    If you are looking for veterinary services, contact North Jackson Animal Clinic to schedule an appointment!