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    How To Sell My Veterinary Hospital

    All veterinarians will eventually reach and age and stage of life where managing their practice is no longer as fulfilling or easy as it once was. However, selling the business that you’ve worked so hard to build isn’t always an easy decision. You’re probably worried about your staff, your clients, and all of the canine and feline companions that you’ve treated throughout the years. You may even be worried about your legacy. Following are a few key things to know if you’ve been asking, “How do I sell my veterinary hospital?”. Before you sell your veterinary practice, there’s a lot of research to do. You cannot enter into negotiations with prospective buyers until you know exactly what your business is worth. This includes the value of the goodwill that you’ve been able to generate over time by establishing a trustworthy brand and consistently delivering superior quality service. At Apollo Veterinary Medical Hospitals, we regularly work with sellers who are incredibly worried about their legacies. After all, there are few things worse than selling a company and then watching it get run into the ground. This is what happens when sellers don’t research prospective buyers. Lack of financial stability and the wrong motivations for purchasing can prove detrimental in the long run. We believe that the best way to complete this process in a seamless and highly successful way is by working with buyers who’ve taken over vet clinics before. We have extensive experience as an animal hospital buyer and we know all that this process entails. We make the transition as smooth and easy as possible for everyone involved. This includes existing team members, human clients, and animal patients as well as vendors, landlords, and more. It’s important to align yourself with a solid and enduring brand that will respect the value of your own. Sometimes this means looking beyond the first offer and carefully considering all that lies behind it. For help making this important decision or to schedule a consultation, call us now.