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    Are You Selling Your Animal Hospital?

    After working hard to become a licensed veterinary, building your practice, and forming solid relationships with your clients, creating your exit plan can be both daunting and emotional. It’s important to preserve the legacy that you’ve created and to place your team and your customer base in the hands of buyers who share your same level of dedication. Are you thinking about selling your animal hospital? If so, we aim to make this process easier. At Apollo Veterinary Medical Hospitals, this is exactly what we do.

    To start, we can perform a vet practice valuation. This is a great way to learn what type of returns you can reasonably expect. Our assessments will give you the information that you need to negotiate fairly. We consider factors like location, history, goodwill, and more.

    As buyers, we can offer a comfortable transition for your team. The employees that support your business are the very people who got you where you are. You want to make sure that your exit doesn’t leave them scrambling to find work or unhappy in their workplace. We consistent succeed in these areas by providing a welcoming space and opportunities for team members to transition seamlessly over.

    You also want to make sure that your clients will still have access to the same range of services and the same comfortable environment that they did before. We target and value businesses to invest in that align with our own brand. We have incredibly high standards too. Our takeover of veterinary clinics results in branded standards for operation, high-quality aesthetics, the utmost professionalism, and an expansive range of service. In fact, in many cases, the available range of service offerings grows when we’ve purchased a company.

    Do you plan on selling your vet practice? Whether you ready to sell right now or are simply mapping out your future, contacting us will help you garner important information for this process. We can help you learn more about the assessed value of your business, and we can tell you how selling to us will impact your clients and team. Call us now to get started!